Meermanno Booklight by Barbara Vos




paola pivi: vitra miniatures lamp - I have always loved doll house furniture, now I might be obsessed to the point of therapy


Do you think origami isn’t practical?! It only depends on the way it’s used!

Lampshadows made by Studio Snowpuppe


Loomi модульный светильник созданный David, Josh, Nate и Lauren: дизайнерами и инженерами и просто друзьями из Бруклина. В общем-то, можно взять и купить готовый луми и собрать его на свое усмотрение, а можно взять идею на заметку и создать свой собственный.

Что здорово абсолютно: формы, цвета этих светильников ограничены лишь вашим воображением.


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The best handmade knitted lamps I’ve found on the internet! I would bout all of them!

1. Beelden Bouwers, Netherlands
2. Décor Kuznetsov, Ukraine
3. Llotlov, Germany
4. Deryn Relph, UK
5. Naomi Paul, UK
6. Petravonk, Нидерланды


Basic Armchair

Designed by Lagranja Design

It is basic twice. Once because is been expressly designed for the Chic & Basic Hotel lobby, one of our latest interior design projects. Twice because it is the minimal yet acceptable image of an armchair. A gentle interpretation of the Danish archetype… of course with a Mediterranean touch.

The Basic Armchair is the very first object produced by lagranja. How did we get there? It is the purest expression of a need. While furnishing the hotel lobby we were fighting with a very tight budget, and we couldn’t find any armchair that fit the budget and that we liked, so we decided to design and produce the best piece we could within our budget constraint.

It is a solid beech wood structure armchair with matte water varnish finishing. The seat and back are upholstered in fabric or leather, with possibility of using fabric indicated by the client. The fabrics for this armchair have been selected among the best collections of the most exclusive firms